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    "The mission of the Town of Alabama Fire Department is to provide superior service to the patrons of the Town of Alabama Fire Protection District in an effort to protect their lives, property and environment. The members of the department will accomplish the mission through fire suppression, fire prevention, public education, emergency response and non-emergency response. The department will maintain the highest level of readiness, enabling delivery of fire fighting and emergency rescue services in a safe, competent and caring manner"


     The department is currently recruiting for all the positions needed in todays emergency service agency. These volunteer positions require no previous training as all training and equipment is provided by the department. Volunteering for a fire department is certainly the most rewarding experiences you can have. We have positions that cover the vast array of incidents and activities of the department. These positions involve active interior firefighting, exterior support firefighting, vehicle operators, traffic control, specialists involved in rescue and haz-mat response along with emergency medical services. The department has created an "Interested Recruit" document to assist interested individuals in gaining knowledge in the many opportunities available in the fire service and also the obligations that come with volunteering. Please take a moment and review the "Interested Recruit" document. Our stations are open on Monday nights at 7:00 PM for radio/truck checks, please feel free to stop in for a tour and to chat with our members.

Likewise please feel free to contact any of our Recruitment Committee Members:

Kasey Thompson (585) 356-1363 

Tyler Kehlenbeck (585) 356-6813                                                                            

Wendy Allen Thompson (585) 322-3491   

Patty Watson (585) 813-4818                                                                             

Beth Johnson Walsh (585) 813-1268                   

Bill Schutt (585) 356-4284

 Interested Recruits Click     

Interested Recruit Pamphlet (printed).pdf

Click the above link to open our Interested Recruit Pamphlet and learn about the many positions and opportunities available within the department.

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After reviewing the "Interested Recruit" document please provide us some background information by filling out our "Recruit Questionair" The questionair provides us information on the skills, knowledges and abilities you have along with other volunteer activities you may be involved with, all with the aim of securing the best recruits for the department.

Recruit Questionair Recruit Questionair


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